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Thank you, Madam Chair.
I'll try to be a good soldier and stay on today's topic, which is supplementary estimates (B) 2019-20.
During my period of service, some type of administrative and financial madness always occurred between January and March 31, because that was the end of the fiscal year. We were told either to make budget cuts or to transfer money to the senior levels.
In the most recent budget, I can see that almost $22 billion was spent on National Defence. To me, it's never enough. Today we're asking for half a billion dollars in capital investments. I'm not questioning the importance of the various programs, which are essential. In recent years, wasn't our budget enough to meet our needs and fulfill our ambitions?
We still have external operations under way that are being carried out under great conditions, despite our limited means. The same applies to equipment, which I referred to earlier and which you mentioned briefly. All this is essential.
Minister Sajjan, do we have the means to match our ambitions?
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