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I am concerned if we move ahead in any way on Huawei, how that affects our relationship with the United States when they are saying Huawei is not allowed in any way, shape or form.
To move on, when we look at these estimates and also the main estimates, which have already been tabled, they are $1 billion short compared to what was in SSE that was released in 2017. You're expecting this coming fiscal year to spend $24 billion and the main estimates only say $23 billion, so you're $1 billion short. We know that since SSE was announced, it's short by almost $8 billion in investments that were supposed to be made into our Canadian Armed Forces. That's not happening.
As I mentioned in question period earlier this week, $247 million in infrastructure spending since the 2015-16 fiscal year, the first year that you were the minister, were underspent. Why aren't those investments being made? I know all these funds lapse. You always say they are there for future years, so show me the money. Show the troops some money. Give us some confidence that those investments are going to happen.
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