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Thank you.
My next focus is specifically on climate change and risk management.
We know that even if we were to stop pumping carbon into the atmosphere now, we've still set off a ball that's rolling. Therefore, the adverse weather effects are going to keep coming our way. We know from testimony at this committee that farmers are the first ones to say that they're on the front lines of this.
When you're talking about business risk management, as Mr. Lipari said, it can be quite a comprehensive approach. I'm interested in whether the CFA has any comments or recommendations on ways we can proactively manage risk in the face of climate change. Are there ways that the federal government can help farmers adapt to climate change? Do we need to put more money into studying different farming techniques or better crops that can manage these adverse weather effects? Do you have any comments on that and whether that might be an acceptable form of risk management as well?
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