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Lib. (ON)
Thank you all for being here.
I can't tell you how extremely helpful this has been; I appreciate it.
Besides your coming today to visit, it's productive for us if any of the stakeholders come to visit our office. I know that Mary Robinson is coming to our office, and those sit-downs, those one-on-ones, become even more productive than this, which happens fast. I'm typing as furiously as possible; it's amazing. Please keep those one-on-ones coming, because that gets us to a deeper conversation. It means a lot to us, so I appreciate that.
Mr. van de Heuvel, I enjoy it if there's an issue, something of concern, and people bring solutions. You brought some solutions so quickly, I didn't even have a chance to write them all down as quickly as I could. You talked about the AgriStability cutback in 2013 to 70%, and I've heard this from many stakeholders—I'm sure we all have—about bringing it back up to 85%, which we are willing to listen to, obviously. You mentioned no reference limits. Can you expand on that?
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