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Lib. (PE)
Thank you.
To the Auditor General, this wasn't a request but it was a suggestion. I just want to remind you of it so you can maybe pull it up again. In the finance committee's December 2016 budget, there was a suggestion that the Auditor General conduct a complete audit of the sale and disposition of the assets of the Canadian Wheat Board since the Marketing Freedom for Grain Farmers Act received royal assent. There is a concern by producers out there that there's still somewhere around $300 million unaccounted for. That's in their December report. It's not a request; it's a suggestion that was made by the committee. You might want to pull that up and think about it.
With that, we've had an interesting couple of hours. I thank all the members and thank you very much to the witnesses for appearing.
The meeting is adjourned.
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