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Thank you very much for that.
Of course, the Trans Mountain subsidy, which is now over $17 billion and counting, is something that needs to be taken into consideration as well. I appreciate that.
I'll move over to you, Mr. Giroux. You're a hero to many of us across the country, with that landmark report last year looking at the incredible impact of tens of billions of dollars of overseas tax havens. There have been very large loans that have been made to big profitable corporations. Often those loans are forgiven afterwards, so Canadians see that as a massive subsidy. When millions of dollars are given to a company and it never has to pay that back, it raises the question to what extent the government is even evaluating how it is handing out money.
You have indicated that you would accept guidance from this committee. Would the PBO be interested in doing a study on this loan forgiveness and other types of corporate subsidies, corporate welfare, if a majority vote of this committee directed you to do that?
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