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Lib. (PE)
Thank you.
In the Library of Parliament paper that was prepared, there is a chart on page 7 that outlines how we compare with our major competitors in the G7. I think that's an important chart for members to look at. It shows that we are the fifth-lowest in the G7 following France, the United Kingdom, the United States and Italy. I think that's a factor that we need to consider as well.
Ms. Johnston, I think there were several questions that perhaps you could provide further information on. Mr. Cooper asked for a list related to a particular project that he was talking about. You could provide that to the clerk. I believe Mr. Fragiskatos had a question, if finance can provide it, on the unemployment and debt-to-GDP ratios.
There's been a lot of discussion here on cost, taxation and investment. I wonder, Mr. Davies or someone, if you could give us further information on maybe the comparative return on strategic public investments, if there's a way of doing that, because it's always a question: Is government getting a return for the dollars spent on investment in a number of areas? I think it would be helpful to us if you could find some way to give us your perspective on the comparative return on strategic public investment. Please provide what you can.
With that, I want to thank each and every one of you for coming forward.
We'll take a five-minute suspension while we get ready for the next panel.
Thank you very much.
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