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Okay. I guess where I wanted to go on the other part is that we're looking at 5G networks and so on coming into play and, of course, the cities are where the best coverage is right now. The rural areas are always concerned, in that more money continually goes into where the cities are, and it's harder and harder to get coverage out in rural and remote areas. With the 5G part, of course, come some of the other players that might be interested in this.
Some of the other discussions we've had were about how you have people from other countries looking to cause some sort of damage in your system. It could mean that they listen in on you, and if they can do that, they can then target different ways to scam, so there are the cyber-risks that are associated with that.
I'm running around in a circle on this one, but I wonder if you could comment on how people can be sure, as we expand our networks, that we're able to maintain the type of security that's needed, so that this isn't also being used as a back door for issues.
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