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Madam Commissioner, the Auditor General found in 2018 that parole officers at CSC didn't always meet with offenders as often as needed to manage their risks to society, and they found that they didn't always monitor offenders' compliance with special conditions imposed by the Parole Board of Canada.
We know that in this case the parole officers weren't doing face-to-face supervision at all. I also note that in a survey done by the union, which was reported to us by the Library of Parliament, two-thirds of community parole officer respondents agreed or strongly agreed that they worry about not being able to adequately protect the public, given their current workload.
In light of these two statements from different sources, do you think it is time there was a reallocation of some resources within Correctional Service Canada toward more support for community supervision as recommended by the office of the correctional investigator?
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