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Okay, that would be very helpful. When I raised these cases I wasn't trying to say they were specific cases that I wanted an answer from you on, but rather to say they are examples of what happens in the system. It's like what Ms. Dhillon was trying to raise. These are standard examples.
I have another situation where an individual has been abused by multiple employers, and then through that process was left unemployed. Her work permit is still active here, and because she had to pay multiple employers for an LMIA and other fees, she was broke. Then she ended up in a shelter. In her situation, through that process, someone told her about the open work permits for vulnerable workers. She went to apply under that, thinking she would get some support there. Instead of getting support, she was told she was in violation of her financial eligibility because she was living in a shelter. That is her reality right now. What good is this program when it operates in that way? Again, in her instance, she was able to prove that the employer charged her fees, which they are not allowed to do. That is an active case just sitting in a dark hole somewhere. In the meantime, she's been traumatized.
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