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Can you provide to the committee specific numbers for your different pilot programs and initiatives for those who are lower and medium-skilled and how many of them came to what province, so that we will have a snapshot of that information?
It remains, even with the PNP program, very limited, and the scale of the numbers for the temporary foreign worker program—over 400,000—is significant. I'll bet you dollars to doughnuts your numbers don't come close to that. So, I would like to see those numbers.
If we're going to talk about immigrants—and, as was noted, they are here to help build our nation, and we want to recognize that—then I think we need to ensure that our permanent resident status streams reflect that, because right now I don't think they do. I would like to have that information so we can look at that from a policy perspective.
On the temporary foreign worker program, I am interested in knowing the process when a complaint is made and it has been clearly established that an employer has abused or violated the rules applying to them as an employer. For example, I have a couple of very active cases where the employer charged the temporary foreign worker a fee and is making them pay for the LMIA. One of them even has a receipt to prove it.
What happens in those cases? The complaint has been filed and it seems like it goes into a dark hole. I have an outstanding case that was filed in 2017, and they have not received a response on that. What happens?
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