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It wasn't so much that I was concerned about that; I share that concern. As I said, this is a provincial responsibility, and I am confident that the provincial governments will take whatever measures they deem appropriate for the education of their judges.
Here's what I'd like you to help me understand. In the position you're taking this morning, isn't there some kind of contradiction? We're asking the public to trust their justice system. That goes without saying, and I trust that system as well. But they are being asked to give that confidence to the detriment of the democratic process that allows the legislator to give directives, as Bill C-5 does by proposing training for judges.
I'm not sure I understand your position on this particular issue. Citizens should take away the right of the legislator to decide these things and leave it to the judges, which I find a little difficult to accept. I would like to hear what you have to say on this point.
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