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Mr. Green, you're taking the words out of my mouth, because I was about to thank them as well.
Before I do so, for the benefit of colleagues around this table, in direct response to a question posed by Mr. McCauley on how you calculate the benefits, whether it be through cannabis legislation or some others, the committee has the opportunity, should it choose to do so, to write directly to departments to ask those questions, as opposed to going through the Treasury Board Secretariat. That's an option that could be easily handled through this committee.
Mr. Loyst and Mr. Van Raalte, I want to concur with Mr. Green. Thank you so much for your testimony. It's been much appreciated and very informative.
My last comment will be that if there were questions some of my colleagues may have asked that you were not able to answer because of time constraints, please forward the answers to those questions directly to the clerk so that we can share them with the rest of the committee. Once again, thank you for your testimony.
Colleagues, we will suspend for about two minutes and go in camera for some committee business. We are suspended.
[Proceedings continue in camera]
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