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Thank you very much, Mr. Chair.
Thank you, as well, for being here with us today.
I do recall when the right hon. David Cameron came and spoke in the House of Commons and actually raised the issue of the one-for-one rule that they had implemented in their Parliament. I think that, if it was something that we had been considering, it probably further motivated us to take a closer look at doing this. I'm sure that's why back in 2011 we launched the Red Tape Reduction Commission to start looking at this.
Mr. Van Raalte, I want to go through some of the comments you made in your opening remarks and ask some questions that came out of those. You stated that when new administrative costs are introduced, departments have two years to offset the costs with other changes and to remove a regulation from across a minister's portfolio. Could you tell us where and/or how that is tracked?
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