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I have a question for Mr. Loyst.
From life experience, we know that from the science and technology of medical instruments and so forth there seems to be a lot of focus on health. We know that physicians must wait years to have access to instruments that are typically available in other countries. If a product is made in Germany and we need to adapt it, we still have to put it under our regulations although we're buying it from Germany and we have really nothing to do with its design and effectiveness.
What could Health Canada do to improve the medical and pharmaceutical regulatory regimes? Could foreign approvals be enough for us in order to adapt instead of going through the process from scratch all over again? Knowing that the United States and the European Union are our allies and partners and that we do respect their regulatory regimes and their design and basic technologies, I'd like you to shed light on this area, because it seems to take a lot of attention in cost reduction as we move on this.
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