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What's stopping us from going ahead and being more aggressive? Again, B.C. has a two-for-one reduction.
I was looking at the numbers provided by our library, and since 2012 the actual dollars saved are pretty minimal.
In terms of a benchmark, I look at the States, where their Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs says it has cut $33 billion in the last three years. Now, not every one of those regulatory cuts is perfect, and it's a larger country, 10 times the size economy-wise, but that's still $33 billion cut in three years, whereas I think our analysts are showing that our regulatory cuts have added an economic burden to our businesses.
Therefore, what is stopping us from being more aggressive? Is it political will? You mentioned a lack of emphasis. Is that an emphasis required by the political body? Is it lack of emphasis within the department itself, or a lack of power given to your department?
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