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Respectfully, I'm shocked that we would ask to have this discussion delayed when we know that the government isn't taking it seriously.
Let me connect it to the Wet'suwet'en as well. Indigenous people in this country have had enough of the way in which the federal government has ignored their needs, whether it be treaty land entitlement or land claims—and I include the north of 60 agreement that your government betrayed the Dene on. They've had enough of the way in which living conditions in their region have been ignored, so I'm shocked that I would be told that I should stay silent about a crisis we're starting to live right now.
My question for the government is what are you doing to take action to make sure that first nations are supported? Perhaps you could also reflect on the fact that you're an alternate member of a committee. What signal does that show to indigenous communities when the government doesn't even take indigenous affairs ministers seriously enough to have you as a full member of a committee dealing with a nationwide and global crisis?
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