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Sorry, Minister Miller, I appreciate that we do have some serious questions here. I feel like we're getting into story time.
We're dealing with a crisis on a number of fronts. I heard about all the goodwill here, but the reality is that your party has been in power for 91 years out of the last 120. The policies of colonization and genocide have come from Liberal governments, so when I hear about no running water and a housing crisis, when I hear about the lack of adequate health care and third-world living conditions, I know these aren't by accident. They are a result of government policies that you and your colleagues have pushed over the years.
Let's connect it to a crisis we're dealing with here and right now. People are very concerned about the disproportionate impact that coronavirus is set to have on indigenous people. We have to look no further than H1N1 to know exactly how hard it hit the most vulnerable, particularly people in my part of the country. Do you know the rate at which indigenous people were hit by the H1N1 virus in northern Manitoba? I'll help you. It was six times the average rate. When it came to Nunavut, it was 45 times.
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