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Lib. (PE)
Thank you very much.
We have visited organizations like the Shepherds of Good Hope on Montreal Road, and a number of places right across the country—VETS Canada, a number of times. Part of my mandate is to make sure that we deal with the homeless issue, and part of the way to deal with it is not to let people become homeless if we can do something to prevent that. That's one of the ways the emergency fund can be used, in order to make sure that if things get out of hand they can help the veteran in that way, and it is important.
Other ways are for people who are really down and out and have absolutely nothing at all. They have basically removed themselves from society. This $1.8 million extra will be so beneficial. It's probably one of the most used and most praised programs in my department, and it's so important because it gives the vet that first hand up. There are many things it can do. Also—and the deputy can expand on this—it gives the department the opportunity to act right away, to be able to move immediately, and that too is so important.
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