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Lib. (PE)
I had the privilege of visiting there. To have had trouble in life and difficulties, probably with addictions or other things, to see them in their homes.... In fact, on the one that you just mentioned, there were two different families in those tiny houses who were just getting ready to move into their own homes. They had full-time jobs and were going to be full-time productive members of society.
I can tell you one thing. To be a politician and Minister of Veterans Affairs, that warms my heart. That's what it's all about, giving a person a hand up in order to become a productive member of society, and they are proud members of society who will add to our economy. That's what that is all about.
It's also important to indicate what the private sector has done, above and beyond government. They access funds through business communities, and it would amaze you, the different businesses that donate different things to those homes. Everybody wishes to be involved. They know that those people have served their country and they want to help.
These homes that are provided are basic. They're very small, but I can tell you that it puts a great sense of pride and security into the veterans themselves, men and women both. In particular, I met a woman veteran who was so highly qualified that, with just a little more, that person will be hired by a telecommunications company. That's what's so great.
Thank you so much.
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