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Lib. (PE)
I'm certainly very supportive of this program because it helps veterans who have served our country, put their lives on the line and are in great difficulty.
You're looking for a figure, so I'll do my best. I mostly let the department do that, but 712 accessed the funds in 2018-19 and last year we added $700,000 to this fund as you're aware. Now over 800 people have already accessed this fund.
When you sit down with people, as I had the opportunity to do last week across western Canada, in British Columbia, in fact, to meet people who got help from this fund, getting their lives in order and becoming productive members of society.... There's a pride within us all, but I believe there's a different, very strong pride in the veterans community. They have served us and they do not want to ask for help. When they get down and out, that's exactly what this program does and that's why it's so important that it's well funded, because it gives people another chance in life.
The fact is, as I've said before, these people are very much needed. They have expertise in many areas. The deputy and I ran into people who were very well qualified in areas that the business community would be so pleased to have once they get their lives in order. That's the big help, and I appreciate your question.
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