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Thank you, Deputy Minister. I understand that, but also, I made it really clear that, from a veteran's perspective, when all of a sudden family members are cut off of their care and those family members are suffering because of the veteran's state, this does not help. When they know that there is a backlog of 40,000 and they no longer have that support but they're being told that somehow someone will help them get support.... The same thing happened with the caregiver allowance. Changes to the caregiver allowance meant that people who had it before no longer get it, which means that changes are being made to limit those who are able to receive it.
My question then is this. Because there were changes made to this program, and the minister is responsible—he's mandated to improve transparency and communications—when and what information on this change to policy was shared on the VAC website and on My VAC Account, so that they would be made aware directly by VAC that their benefits were being cut back?
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