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Lib. (PE)
Yes, and we are. We deal with other countries right around the world. We deal with our allies, and we compare the process we use here with other countries around the world. That's why we have some of the changes that are in place.
One of the biggest examples was that, in the My VAC Account, if the application has to be complete before it will be accepted, it means that time is not wasted. The fact is that when a veteran fills out the application and signs it, as is indicated, we accept it. But if it's not complete, we have to go back. Phil asked why the backlog is there, and that's part of why. There are so many things we are working on to make sure that we don't.... We want to get the applications processed so that we can supply the benefits to the veterans.
There are quite a number of new programs for veterans that are vitally important to them. Number one is helping the veteran when he leaves the military and becomes a civilian. That is a big transition, so we want to make sure we have as many programs in place as we can to see that person become a valuable member of society. As you're well aware, the military has met basically every walk of life, and they have every expertise. Our responsibility as a government, and yours as a committee, is to make sure we have these people upgraded if need be, because industry needs them and society needs them.
We want to make sure they have a good life when they come out, and that's part of what I have to try to do.
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