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You mentioned there wasn't much uptake in the initial year or two of this program, because lumber was over $600 and everybody was surviving quite well. In the last year things have changed dramatically. As many people have mentioned, a lot of mills have closed, particularly in British Columbia.
Do you have any statistics or figures on what the uptake from British Columbia has been in the last year? When I talk to British Columbia government people, the sense I get is that they feel the federal government isn't helping as much as they'd want to see it help. They have their own fund that they have reluctantly put up. They took it from another rural fund, which was a very unpopular. I don't know, but I get the feeling they would like to see much more support from the federal government for workers and communities. Maybe the community's part is beyond your domain, but do you have a sense of what the federal government has provided in extra funds to British Columbia in the last year?
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