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Thank you.
Thank you for coming here today. Monsieur Simard stole my first question, but I'll try to rephrase it. It's about the innovations in wood products, particularly mass timber and engineered wood.
I was at a forestry summit meeting in British Columbia two Fridays ago. One of the anecdotes was about a Swedish forestry company, Stora Enso, that now has 70% of its revenue coming from products they didn't make 10 years ago. I believe that mass timber innovations make up one of Canada's biggest opportunities for this, not only for the opportunity to store carbon and do good for the climate but also to provide a real domestic market for our forest products that would insulate us from, for example, India's putting tariffs on our paper or the Americans putting tariffs on our lumber.
To follow up on what Monsieur Simard said, I had a private member's bill that asked the government to basically, in so many words, do more government procurement with regard to building with wood. You mentioned wood bridges, but with regard to wood buildings, has that happened? I was told that it was happening with Public Works last year. Can you provide any information on that? These companies—for example, Structurlam in Penticton, B.C., and Kalesnikoff in Castlegar, which is building a huge plant—need that government lead to make their efforts worthwhile. They're already leaders in the field, but they want to stay there.
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