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2020-03-09 15:57
I take your point, but we may not be reading the situation the same way. Maybe I don't have the same infatuation for these investments as you do.
I was telling you about two areas that bother me: on the one hand, research and development, and on the other, our constant trade wars with the American market.
What strikes me when I go to Europe, especially when I go to France, is all the wooden infrastructures I see. However, it is not the French who have this resource. They are not the producers of wood. When we walk around France, we see infrastructures such as bridges made entirely of laminated and glued wood. We can see many infrastructures, such as government buildings and houses, made entirely of wood.
How is it that in Canada, where we have this resource, we have not been able to develop this culture?
Why is there still a lot of reticence about wood in engineering?
Is there a steel beam or concrete lobby that wants to undermine the wood construction industry?
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