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I appreciate that. Certainly that answers my question. Thank you very much for that.
I reviewed your mandate on your website and some of the information you sent. I'd like to read into the record a quote from your website that I think highlights the importance here:
The purpose of the [Lobbying] Act is to ensure transparency and accountability in the lobbying of public office holders in order to increase the public's confidence in the integrity of government decision-making.
I think that is a fairly accurate description of your overall mandate, kind of succinct into one statement.
I would just ask for any comments you might have on your role as commissioner in ensuring that Canadians can trust the institutions of Parliament and trust that their government is not subject to undue influence and that sort of thing. I'm not sure if you were here for part of the debate before, but this is something that's top of mind. I certainly heard a tremendous amount during the last election, and I continue to hear a lot from constituents, about how we need to have confidence in our democratic and governmental institutions.
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