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Thank you, Madam Chair, and thank you, Ms. Bélanger, for coming. It's excellent to have you here, and I commend your work.
Certainly, there are many lobbyists who come and with whom we try to meet. You listed the reasons why you would investigate them for failing to report, and failing to live up to the code. One of the elements, under section 6 in the Lobbyists' Code of Conduct, states that it is not to place public office holders in a conflict of interest. That is one of the key ones.
On February 14, 2019, I wrote to you after Mr. Dion announced he was launching an investigation into whether or not the Prime Minister breached the Conflict of Interest Act. On February 19 you responded, and I'm very pleased you did. You said you were going to look into it. Did you do an investigation?
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