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Thank you, Mr. Chair.
Thank you to the witnesses. This has been a really rich discussion over both the last two panels.
I want to make two comments and then ask a couple of questions that will be directed to Mr. Shambaugh.
First of all, those watching will know that the original agenda for this committee included former Ambassador McCallum, and I want to say from my perspective that it is very important that we do hear from him at some point. I think his perspective will be absolutely vital.
Second, I wanted to respond to a comment I didn't have a chance to respond to earlier. Mr. Fragiskatos was kind of implying that there was a parallel between return of fugitives as a one-off and the negotiation of an extradition treaty. I think it's important that we very much distinguish between those two things. An extradition treaty would go much further than has been contemplated before, and it would give the right of Canadian nationals, for example, to be extradited to China, with all of the concerns that raises.
Having just put those comments on the record—
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