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Thank you, Chair.
I'd like to thank the people who have come and who are sharing their expertise with us.
Bonnie, I will give you a bit of an opportunity to finish some of those thoughts if you'd like.
We talk about China using its economic leverage and we talk about China detaining citizens of other countries, including Canada, of course. I hear what you're saying when you speak about China respecting strength, but knowing where Canada sits and knowing that we have limited strength and knowing that our opportunities to work multilaterally have some limitations of course, globally, can you talk a little bit more—and maybe, Bonnie, you could finish off what you were saying earlier—about those things that you think would work? The idea of a tougher approach is what I think I'm hearing, and there's this idea that China does respect strength. What are the risks of that?
Could you also talk about where you've seen successes for other countries, particularly countries other than the U.S., countries that are not superpowers but middle powers like Canada?
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