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I will present the last motion we had on notice:
That pursuant to Standing Order 108(2), the committee study the First-Time Home Buyer Incentive to measure the program’s outcomes, including but not limited to, usage of the program, the effectiveness of improving home ownership affordability and the impact on housing market prices; and that the committee reports its findings, including recommendations, to the House.
As I've always stated, Parliamentary Secretary Vaughan has much more knowledge and information regarding this, but as we have seen reported recently in the media, the uptake of the incentive has not been incredibly effective, nor has it seemed to serve the purpose of working with the stress test to allow for greater entry into home ownership for Canadians.
I am encouraged. I've heard mumblings of potential changes within budget 2020 to the first-time home buyer incentive.
This is a study that is dear to me, coming from a suburban riding where I am looking to see families purchase their first homes. As well, I think this program is an important part of moving individuals along the housing continuum, another idea that I believe the government supports. If I'm incorrect, please correct me.
For this reason, we have put this study forward, and I hope the committee will support this motion with the intention of looking for housing solutions across the continuum.
Thank you.
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