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I'm really concerned by what I saw in the House. Mr. Chair, I'm new to this job, but last week I did see the government dance around what was a subsidy versus what was a grant, and it was shocking. I want to make sure, then, that we're clear here that we're talking about the government's spending with corporations and that this spending includes tax credits and tax expenditures, so that everything is on the table and we're transparent about this.
Mr. Sorbara, you can fully imagine that any study is not going to be straight black and white. Everything is going to be comparing what our jurisdictions do vis-à-vis what foreign jurisdictions do to attract the same sort of capital. You're right. It is a fluid world, and money is fungible, so we'll make sure that is very clear in the report. However, we do need to make sure everything is clearly understood by the Canadian people.
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