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2020-02-27 10:00
I'm just going to ask a question for the sake of having it on the record. Does the committee agree that, when witnesses are appearing, whether officials or otherwise, if any information is identified as being relevant to another study that we're doing, or going to do, the analysts have the permission of the committee to put that where it belongs in each of the studies?
I just want a consensus. I don't want somebody to come back after the fact and say, “No, this is not what we agreed to.” I just want it on the record.
I'll assume we have that consensus.
Let's go back to the deadline for witnesses other than from the department, because next week we're not here. We want to give witnesses at least a week to make travel arrangements. Could we say the deadline is 4 p.m. on Monday, March 2, for the list of the witnesses for the meeting on March 12 on Big Bar?
An hon. member: Agreed.
The Chair: We can go further than that the next week we're back, okay?
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