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I understand your position.
I would now like to turn to the issue of the transfer of the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority, which is a not-for-profit organization. In the past, when we privatized such an organization, such as NAV CANADA, there were significant reductions in service. This was the case in Mont-Joli, Quebec City, Rouyn-Noranda and Sept-Îles. You say that it was supposed to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and so on.
Can you guarantee, on the one hand, that small municipalities and small airports in the regions of Quebec will not pay the price of this privatization in terms of reduced services?
On the other hand, the tax imposed on the airline ticket is uniform everywhere nowadays, whether you come from the United States, Canada or anywhere else on the planet. We know very well that it is not in small regional airports that people arrive from China or other countries from abroad. Most flights come from within the country, yet these small airports have to pay the same tax as others.
Can you also assure me that these airports will not be penalized for the application of the future tax?
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