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Given the questions that are lingering, and the fact that TSB is not mandated, we want to see answers being given, not just for the families, but also to prevent a tragedy like this from ever happening again. We will be looking forward to TSB's report, but we believe, given the questions being asked, that a criminal investigation must be pursued.
I want to move on to another major topic. Your government announced, with great fanfare, the implementation of the air passenger bill of rights. Many were very hopeful about this. The reality is that Canadian consumers are being taken advantage of, day in and day out, by airlines in this country. As we've seen over the last number of months, there are some egregious loopholes that have emerged. This has led to honeymoons being ruined, families not being able to be reunited for important events, and one member of a couple being treated differently than the other, even though they were on the same flight—some truly bizarre, but very problematic scenarios that shouldn't be happening with an air passenger bill of rights.
This stands in sharp contrast to Europe, where the passenger bill of rights allows for advocates, allows for rewards in cases of delays due to weather and maintenance, and is far stronger when it comes to accountability. Do you feel that the air passenger bill of rights goes far enough, or does your government need to move forward in response to the gaps and loopholes the airlines are finding?
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