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Thank you, Minister, for being here.
First, I do want to signal our concern that despite your introductory comments today committing to more work on rail safety, your mandate letter unfortunately does not actually refer to rail safety this time. A growing number of Canadians are increasingly impacted by unsafe situations on their rail lines—as proven by recent incidents—and we believe this should be clearly highlighted, as you did in your comments, by the Prime Minister and your government.
My first question is about justice for the derailment that killed Dylan Paradis, Andrew Dockrell and Daniel Waldenberger-Bulmer on February 4, 2019. Recently we've come to know, as a result of some in-depth investigative work done by The Fifth Estate, that there are some serious questions about what happened to these three workers. The rail company has absolved itself. The TSB cannot direct a criminal investigation, but you and your government have a responsibility to get to the bottom of this on behalf of not just the workers who are no longer with us, but also the families that are clearly seeking answers and justice for their loved ones.
Will you, as minister, commit to investigating—including a criminal investigation—these three deaths?
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