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Thank you so much, Minister, for being here today. I appreciate the time you took with your presentation.
I enjoyed very much my tour of Centre Block. As a member who served in Centre Block—we've mentioned this before—I found it definitely a bit hard to see it under construction, but also it was good to be back.
One of the issues that's coming up here, and I think it is very important, is money, making decisions around money and understanding more clearly the process of how those decisions are made.
My first question for you, Minister, is on the sense of vision around cost. How is the process being done in figuring out what is required and what is wanted? How do you find the space between those two issues? As Mr. Richards mentioned earlier, the Senate is making some interesting requests for what they want. It's also about looking forward to the reality that the House and Parliament will change as a reflection of a growing population.
How are parliamentarians working with that process, for example, the input and the accountability, so that we can assess and understand, as representatives for our constituencies, the tax dollars that will be spent on those types of projects and choices?
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