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Thank you.
I'm just going back to what I asked about earlier. Obviously, in Saskatchewan we appreciate any investment that we get from the federal government into our province. I think most people were excited to have James Cameron, of all people, investing in Saskatchewan. That's a pretty exciting proposition. James Cameron's net worth happens to be $700 million, so people in Saskatchewan, farmers who are struggling to get by, or small towns that are struggling to remain economically viable, see a $2-million federal handout to a person who's worth $700 million.... The feeling amongst people was, what do we have to do? This guy has all the money in the world. What does he need a $2-million federal government handout for?
I'll offer a bit of an olive branch here. It would be great to have ministers coming out to places outside Saskatoon, further than Vanscoy. Vanscoy is just a stone's throw away from Saskatoon. If you want to come down to the southwest corner of Saskatchewan and see what small-town life feels like, and meet with people like that, I would be more than happy to take around anybody around this table, really, so they can see and feel the hurt and the pain that our producers are feeling right now. Whether it be blockades, the CN strike, or all of that, it's having massive impacts.
I'm just using the tourism angle here. I'll ask you a question. The name of my riding says it all, Cypress Hills—Grasslands. The Grasslands National Park is a huge, hidden treasure that we have. We're talking a lot about investing in broadband and rural network access here.
I'm wondering if you would be willing to elaborate more on what you're trying to do to get areas like Grasslands National Park, or even Cypress Hills, to be more connected going forward.
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