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I'm not just looking at the process you use, but also whether the ownership of it is public record so that we can see how much of that is actually being transferred out of the country or being used for some of the other opportunities that might exist.
I notice also, in some of the parts that we have seen here, there's nothing for oil and gas, which had been part of the original documentation. Also, you had said, “As of March 2019, SDTC has invested in almost 400 companies, supporting over 13,000 jobs” and that “these companies have reduced greenhouse gas emissions by more than 18 megatonnes annually.”
Are those the metrics that you are going to be using to determine what is really green technology? I think you'll find that, in terms of the tech funds, the extra carbon tax that Alberta has always had has gone into a fund. It is the reason we've been able to reduce the emissions for nearly every industry we have, to below international standards, and of course, that's really what we're looking for.
It would be nice to know whether, when we're talking about green tech out of your department, we are also looking at the types of advantages that the world has because of the technology we have in Alberta.
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