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Thank you.
I want to go back to a question that was asked by my colleague Mr. McCauley on vote 10.
Vote 10 by definition basically provides grants and contributions to fund prospective recipients. The minister mentioned the financial demands to account for such unforseen circumstances as emergencies, crisis situations and so on.
CRA received three and a half million dollars, and the three and a half million dollars went to an application modernization initiative whereby CRA is basically designing in-house software to provide to low-income Canadians to file their taxes. We know that the private sector has ready on the shelf a product that is less expensive, is probably more advanced and doesn't cost three and a half million dollars.
How then can we justify, from the vote 10 definition...? Can we call this a crisis and provide emergency funds for CRA to build...what, lT software? How can you justify that to Canadian taxpayers, and how can we give a satisfactory answer about this to the public?
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