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It's great to meet you.
I want to follow up on the questions that I asked the committee the last time, just a little more in depth.
As you know, I'm a member of Parliament from Manitoba. Suzanne, just to loop you in, as you know, Manitoba has the highest percentage of violence against women. We also have one of the highest indigenous populations, mostly young, one of the fastest-growing populations in Manitoba. We have the highest child apprehension rate. I think it's over 12,000, which is the highest in the world. We're facing significant issues in our female population in Manitoba.
I had asked last time of the department, of the $66 million in grants and contributions, how much is provided to Manitoba. I know we have only 4% of the population, which is really like $2.64 million. Given that we have higher needs, I just wanted to see if you have any more information.
If you don't have the exact number, that's fine, but can you provide for me, so I can let my constituents know, what some of the programs are that your department makes available to women in Manitoba?
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