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Lib. (NL)
Madam Chair, I still think we need to get you a bigger pen. We will work on that.
Thank you for being here, ladies, and thank you again for the work you do.
Rural is a passion for me, and I know our programs are reaching out in the small rural communities. I also know that in small rural communities the contribution of a small amount can do so much.
I remember in a meeting with one of my status of women's groups, it was a small amount of money—I think it was $15,000 or $20,000—and the chair of the board actually cried. I think we need to focus on that going forward, that it's not all about the million-dollar projects. It's the small numbers on the ground that really make a difference. So thanks for doing that, and keep doing that when you review all the applications that come in.
I want to get back to the GBA+. Can you tell me how you see that's going to be applied and developed when you look at applications, when you look at funding going forward?
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