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I know you're aware that nearly 10,000 jobs were potentially created in Teck including 14 first nations. I'm also certain you're aware that there are over 200,000 people who remain unemployed in the energy sector since your government took office in 2015.
Further, I'm certain you're aware—if not an expert, actually, given your many years as minister of status of women—of the challenges faced by women particularly in regard to family breakdown and the tremendous negative impact these kinds of unemployment numbers have had on people in general, but on women specifically. I'm sure you are an expert in this.
Not only do we know that there are women employed in the energy sector, but for every one energy sector job, five other jobs are created, and many of them are in the service industry, which we know is disproportionately represented by women.
I am confident, given the state of unemployment in our energy sector, that the GBA+ would show that the Teck Frontier mine would have had a very positive impact on the Alberta community and the energy sector in general.
Can you give a brief overview for the committee of what the gender-based analysis said for Teck Frontier?
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