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2020-02-26 16:32
They have heard from me before.
Your staff will know, I have seven weeklies and no dailies in my riding, and there are two or three people—they're mom-and-pop operations—who don't qualify for a cent. They're not subscription based, so that rollout is killing the weeklies in my riding because they will be gone. They will be dropping dead. Your rollout kills all of the print media in my riding. I understand what you did with that rollout for the big ones. It kills my weeklies, every one of them, and it will. They're done. They're dropping.
We've been through that before. Your staff knows this. I've had the publications here.
In the broadcast and telecommunications report, there are words such as, “fair”, “reasonable”, “trusted”, “accurate” and “reliable”. I did wander through law school at one time, and I know what “legally liable” is. Police, when they are investigating something and there are witnesses, take statements from everybody they can get, because they know everybody's statement is different, and then they try to figure out, from all of those statements, what has happened.
Those words scare the hell out of me. They're subjective and they're in that report in a number of places.
What is your response to those kinds of words in that report?
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