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Great. Thank you, Dr. Njoo.
Just to clarify the comments, she indicated in her statement that the more countries are affected, the less effective and feasible it is to close the border. This is essentially alluding to the fact that if there is only one country, then closing the borders would be an effective mechanism for containing the virus.
In hindsight, possibly as part of this discussion afterwards, I would think that looking at when we close the borders and where we move to make sure that the borders are closed is pertinent for your department to consider, going forward.
Because my time is short, I am going to move on to the next point I want to raise.
There was some concern raised at the beginning of the government's lack of a plan. We know the minister has been doing scrums and news conferences. Dr. Tam has been making the rounds, but it seems not everything the minister or Dr. Tam has been saying has been satisfying Canadians in terms of the concern that's been raised.
Yesterday, the Minister of Health stated that we're no longer in a containment phase. I ask you two questions: What phase are we in now, if it's not a containment phase? Being that the government's containment phase plan was unsuccessful—and I would say poorly communicated—can you share with us the plan for the next phase, so that Canadians know exactly what's going on?
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