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My question would be, would that not be an “anyway”? Without us specifying, I think cabinet confidence would always be a reason for government to redact, whether that's specified or not. If there is any doubt on that, I would suggest that “cabinet confidence” be put back into the motion, because I don't think the purpose of this committee here is to try to get at cabinet confidence or issues of national security.
What we should want to get at is full transparency, in terms of helping us understand the real health issues facing Canadians. I think that's the spirit behind Mr. Jeneroux's motion.
I also prefer the word “order”. I don't know what the term “request” means. If we mean for this to be complied with, then we may as well say “order” because a request can just be denied. If that's the case, we'll just come right back with another motion that says “order”. If we mean to get the documents, then we should say so.
Finally, I would just say that I think asking for all the documents requested, as specified by Mr. Jeneroux, is a broader list that will give the committee a more fulsome picture of what's going on. It also satisfies my Liberal colleagues' concerns that national security and cabinet confidence and privacy matters be protected. I think that's a good compromise.
I don't know whether to say I'm supporting the subamendment exactly as written, because I am suggesting that we add the permanent residents portion and that we put “cabinet confidence” back in. I'm hesitant to move a subamendment to a subamendment to an amendment to a motion.
I think if all of us agree by friendly amendment, at least on the subamendment to put “cabinet confidence” and “permanent residents” in, we can at least vote on that. I understand it may still not be enough for my Liberal colleagues to support the subamendment, but I think we all should agree that cabinet confidence as well as protection for permanent residents should be part of the subamendment before we vote on it.
I would offer that as a friendly amendment to Mr. Jeneroux.
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