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Again, in making decisions while sitting around a board table, I would have gone back to my senior management team and said this was unacceptable. Plus, for us to make a proper decision, we have to compare it with what we know, and what we know today. You cannot guess what the U.S. may or may not do. You don't know that. You're assuming that. It's a strong assumption. Maybe it's a safe one, but it's a strong assumption.
You know what you have today. You know what you have in the new agreement. You do an analysis to compare the two. In the new agreement, we gained how many jobs? Well, you can't do that. You're comparing it with no agreement. In the new agreement, how much is added to our economic activity? I don't have that here. In the new agreement, how much is gained in the environmental chapter? Again, you're comparing it with nothing. If I look at the C.D. Howe report, it's a $10-billion hit. It has negative effect on GDP. If I compare it with the TPP, if we'd done TPP instead of NAFTA, it's a $4-billion gain for Canada with the U.S. involved in TPP. So I look at this and say, “How do I take this information and actually give it an accurate assessment?" I can't. You didn't give me the right starting point. I go to the government....
We haven't played games here. We've said that we're going to pass it. We're going to move forward. But we need the information to do that properly. You haven't provided that. You haven't provided yourself with the information. That's really scary, because it's $2 billion a day. Yes, we're going to approve it. I guess, comparing it with nothing, we know that this is still a better way, but we've done nothing for the sectors that are left out. You haven't even identified them in your report. I'm wondering how I go to the Liberals now and say, “You need to be accountable to help the forestry workers. You need to be accountable to help the dairy workers. You need to be accountable to help the aluminum workers.” I have nothing to do that on, based off this report.
I don't mean to be hard on you, and I apologize. I know that you have your starting points and stuff like that. I'm sure there's a good political reason why you did it the way you did. I realize that you probably didn't make that decision—the gods above you did—so don't take that wrong. The reality is that if we don't have good data, how do we make good decisions? The reality is that right now we can't make a good decision based on this data. Which report do I go with? Is C.D. Howe more accurate or is the U.S. data more accurate? If you compare those with this
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