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Thank you, Chair.
Thank you, witnesses, for being here this afternoon.
The USMCA, or new NAFTA, or NAFTA 0.5, is an important deal for Canada. There's no question about it. It's $2 billion a day. We will approve this agreement, but one thing I definitely want to do at this committee is talk to different sectors and different industries to make sure we have an understanding of the impact and where it's negatively impacting a sector or an industry, that we put in the appropriate mitigation to help minimize that impact.
I'll start off with you, James, and Honey Bee.
We talked about this issue with regard to John Deere and Case and companies like that not opening up their architecture and electronics to allow the functionality of your headers. Do you see anything in the USMCA that will actually allow us to deal with that, maybe using U.S. law, for example, to make it easier?
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