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Lib. (NB)
We will vote on the amendment.
Do we need the six meetings?
(Amendment agreed to [See Minutes of Proceedings])
(Motion as amended agreed to)
The Chair: Before we move along, I forgot to mention—I apologize—that we have with us Joanne Markle LaMontagne, who works with the library. She is learning the whole mechanism of this committee and the process.
We are really happy to have you here, Madame LaMontagne. I just wanted to introduce you to the committee. Thanks for being here. You can maybe write a report on what you see. It might not be to your advantage; I don't know.
Voices: Oh, oh!
The Chair: As well, members, a calendar has been distributed to you. For the new people here, this is how we see what's coming up. It's a tool we use to determine how many meetings we're going to have and on what dates, and which motion we will do first.
Mr. Perron, the floor is yours.
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