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This is where we would go from here. At our next meeting, we will spend half the time coming back to committee business. Then we'll move forward from there. From there, the subcommittee will meet and order the studies. They will order them according to which one will be studied first, second, third, etc., as well as giving a time allocation.
The committee is going to need to assist the subcommittee with that by offering some insight in terms of witness lists. I would ask this committee, between now and our next meeting, to just start considering witnesses that you would bring forward for the studies that are already on the table. I'm not asking for a formal list at this point in time, but I am asking you to start considering the witnesses you might bring forward.
At the next meeting, I will be able to give you a timeline in terms of when those witnesses would be desired, to help equip the subcommittee going forward.
Seeing that it's 5:30, I will call this meeting adjourned.
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